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Faraway 4: Ancient Escape

The four in the title means continuing the obviously running series. The first part came out only last year, but success meant a quick onset. The fourth part of Faraway takes us to an antique environment where we try to crack a few mysteries.

Memoirs may recall Myst, the younger ones remind me of the fantastic The Witness. These games stand on the free exploration of the island, which is littered with logical buffs. Faraway takes inspiration from them, even though the levels are clearly divided and each riddle is mostly linear. Every time you try to go through the magical portal further. However, you will need levers, handles and rotating wheels to do this.

The title likes to play with surprise. When you solve the riddle, it will often prepare you for an intriguing revelation. Difficulty is not high, and task assignment usually requires only enough attention – if you are looking for a real challenge, look elsewhere. I have personally welcomed this approach. You do not jam too much in the game, but it also means you will go through it within two hours.

The rebellions are changing and complicated over time, and the levels are longer and longer. But it’s easy to control, though I’m sorry you can only look around when the game allows it. It’s a shame because the views are beautiful in the game. In the middle of the game you will reach the point where the demo ends and you have to buy the rest for 90 CZK. But this is a generous offer given that at that moment you will surely know whether the game is fun or not

Faraway 4 offers a nice environment and a story told by hidden messages. But it is not very interesting. Interestingly, however, there are puzzles that are not a challenge, but I would definitely appreciate playing time.


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