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Atlas –

At this year’s Game Awards, we have seen some big announcements and some big game announcements. One of them will be Atlas, a pirate MMO survival by Ark: Survival Evolved, the Wildstar studio, which surpasses its predecessor more than a thousand times. The world has up to 40,000 players at a time

From the enclosed trailer, Atlas looks more vividly than its direct Sea of Thieves, so maybe there will be things to do you will not have a share of like-minded corsairs. Whether you are looking for treasures, fighting dragons, shooting from a cannon, diving or just sailing. We will see the trumpets on the sleeve of Skull and Bones with the same theme

Atlas uses Nvidia technology called “WaveWorks”, which makes water surfaces a more realistic physics. Given that much of the game takes place, well, at sea, it’s all good. Sea of Thieves excels in the appearance of the ocean, on the other hand, it is one of the few things to excel.

The new pirate MMO at Steam will come out in a preliminary approach soon. Atlas next year will also arrive on Xbox One, where it will work in the game preview program to allow developers to pump more content.

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