Foreclosed –

If nothing terrible happens, Cyberpunk 2077 will arrive on our screens soon. But this is not the only cyberpunk game to be released in the near future. The Foreclosed event also intends to ride on the wave of interest in… Read More »Foreclosed –

Dysmantle – ApkRiG

Finnish developers team 10 tons announced their upcoming action RPG from the open world Dysmantle. The special dystopical island where it will take place consists of virtually just the raw materials that you can freely distribute to them. And then… Read More »Dysmantle – ApkRiG

Farming Simulator 19

We have many series, whose games come with annual periodicity, and in many cases it is visible to them. Changes are slow, they are often just cosmetic stamping and hardcore fans do not follow the latest numerals due to major… Read More »Farming Simulator 19

Mortal Kombat 11 Review

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Mortal Kombat is a well-established brand with millions of fans, so the announced eleven has a lot of attention on its own. It does not have to surprise anyone, but the developer livestream has revealed some bizarre information in addition… Read More »Mortal Kombat 11 Review

The Division 2

  Two Months. Such a time stands between us and the release of the sequel to The City Division 2. The farewell, snowy environment, we were enjoying New York. A second divisional agent trip heads southwest to the capital of… Read More »The Division 2

PlanetSide Arena

Even creators of the popular MMO sci-fi shooter PlanetSide 2 will head to muddy battle royale arenas, but it will not be the only thing the newly announced PlanetSide Arena offers. It can handle up to a thousand players in… Read More »PlanetSide Arena

Project Warlock

Imagine a retro action that invokes the links of games like Doom, Hexen or Wolfenstein 3D, but does not rely on the chopped graphics and reversing gameplay. Instead, it offers you an endless cut that keeps traditions in many respects,… Read More »Project Warlock

The Council – Game

We often miss the feeling in the games that they respect the player’s intelligence. They do not let him look for places, people or objects on his own, prefer to stick to pointers, or they need to explain the safer… Read More »The Council – Game


Playing God has its unmistakable spell. At the same time, this discipline can take many different forms, for example in Reus you have transformed the surface and climate of the entire planet using the elements. Her Abbey Games creators do… Read More »Godhood

Judgment Games

A few months ago, the Yakuza creators uncovered the brand new Project Judge, which is set in the same world, but you do not play it as a mafia but for a private eye. Sega now announced news about the… Read More »Judgment Games

Pokémon Let’s Go combines nostalgia with classic Pokémon RPG Red, Blue and Yellow (RBY) and Pokémon Go mechanics. Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee

Again you are ten years old and you are in your hometown in the town of Pebble, Kanto. And as you always go on your adventure when you meet Professor Oaka Just what you say hello, you will attack the… Read More »Pokémon Let’s Go combines nostalgia with classic Pokémon RPG Red, Blue and Yellow (RBY) and Pokémon Go mechanics. Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee

Rapture Rejects

Human Chamraď ovládl Zemi a všemohoucí pán z nebe to konečně přestal bavit. While the surrounding world is eating the hell of flames, fifty of the worst of the worst murder each other to get the only remaining ticket to… Read More »Rapture Rejects

11-11: Memories Retold

World War I is still an original set, even though Battlefield 1 and Valiant Hearts are no longer a game of unexplored epoch. The stories he calls for writing, however, were still not written. Exploration Adventure 11-11: Memories Retold is… Read More »11-11: Memories Retold

Little Wars 2.0 – space strategy game RTS, Life or Dying: Survival Pro and 7 other app deals (Savings: 9,22 EUR)

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There are also a few gifts from the Play Store for Nikolaus. Even if the developers are currently quite stingy with app deals, have again sneaked a few very nice temporarily free games under the offers. Little Wars 2.0 –… Read More »Little Wars 2.0 – space strategy game RTS, Life or Dying: Survival Pro and 7 other app deals (Savings: 9,22 EUR)

Pendula Swing

It sounds crazy, but that’s the result of an interesting game. The Pendula Swing RPG adventure will take you to America in her crazy 20th century. These are tainted by the presence of other beings rather than just extravagantly devoured… Read More »Pendula Swing

Hell Let Loose

Last October we saw the multiplayer shooter from the perspective of the first person from World War II in October 2017, when he picked over 200 thousand US dollars in his kickstart campaign. Hell Flight Loose on the battlefield launches… Read More »Hell Let Loose

Darksiders III

Back to Earth In 2010 there was Mr. Válka, two years later Mr. Death arrived. And then for six years nothing happened. For the most part, the disappearance of the Vigil Games, which broke down in 2013, was partly due… Read More »Darksiders III