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In the world of fantasy adventure with the open world of Eastshade, unlike many other games, nobody is trying to kill or threaten. Your biggest weapon will be a paintbrush and a palette, the resulting cloth then a valuable money. You feel like a talented talented artist.

The painting itself does not have to be done by you, you just need to find a suitable place, choose a shot, and click – a painter will take care of everything. It will only be a part of a more complex gameplay that does not just consist of walking and copying screenshots. The pictures of really picturesque landscapes can be exchanged for important subjects and information after completion with various characters

The creators released a shorter game, set in the same world, called Leaving Lyndow two years ago. Quiet play consists of packing luggage and good-bye with family and friends before a long journey at sea, which does not have to be fun for everyone, but along with a fresh trailer will give you enough insight into what you can expect from Eastshade

In addition, the video talks about the recent ship’s shipwreck on a nearby cliff, so you might be able to meet the hero Leaving Lyndow, Clara, in the painting adventure. Maybe she said goodbye a little

For painting and exploring the picturesque world, you can spend time quite early, Eastshade is coming out on February 13, exclusively on Steam. Rather than one magnificent story, you expect a lot of smaller ones, linked mainly by your nesting. Eastshade Studios, however, also attracts the possibility of making decisions, dynamic branched dialogues and the production of objects. Smaller brushes, maybe?

Anyway, storyline painting games are not exactly hundreds, and this one is shortly the hottest candidate for one of the most beautiful.



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