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Lemmings Download Android Game

If you ever remember the best logical games that our computer monitors or other devices have ever felt, it is quite possible that a witness will immerse himself in a bland, carefree flight, – “Lemmings!” It will of course be… Read More »

Bury Me, My Love Android Apk Download

Most games dealing with a distant, distressing journey full of danger, misery and treachery gives you a sword or a gun. Bury Me, My Love suffices with your mobile phone and will not even send you on that trip. You… Read More »


In the world of fantasy adventure with the open world of Eastshade, unlike many other games, nobody is trying to kill or threaten. Your biggest weapon will be a paintbrush and a palette, the resulting cloth then a valuable money.… Read More »

Degrees of Separation – Android Game

Narrative veteran of the game industry Chris Avellone will not really stop this year. After post-apocalyptic Dying Light 2 and isometric RPG Alaloth and Pathfinder: Kingmaker writes the story for the newly announced contrast platform Degrees of Separation. In it… Read More »

Feudal Alloy – apkrig

Czech games are never enough, especially when only a look at them can conjure a smile. Feudal Alloy boasts a beautiful hand-painted visual and has the hope that even the gameplay will satisfy our desires. At least the topic is… Read More »

Pagan Online –

Wargaming announced the action RPG Pagan Online a month ago, which is far from normal in its portfolio. It’s not another historical “World of” title, but pure-fantasy from a pre-Christian era falling into the genre of diablos. The new is… Read More »

Pathfinder –

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is the first CRPG adaptation of this campaign. According to the paper template, it converts to zero and one of all 6 story books and adds one more extra, created by Owlcat Games developers in collaboration with Chris… Read More »

Atlas –

At this year’s Game Awards, we have seen some big announcements and some big game announcements. One of them will be Atlas, a pirate MMO survival by Ark: Survival Evolved, the Wildstar studio, which surpasses its predecessor more than a… Read More »

Artifacts –

After five years, there is another game from Valve, but instead of another Half-Life or Portal it will be a card. Artifact comes out on November 28 this year, and now we know the details not only about its game… Read More »