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If you know how the “good” end of Far Cry 5 has come, it will not surprise you that the spin-off called New Dawn looks the way it looks. The atomic explosion 17 years ago has transformed not only Hope County into another country. After the nuclear winter, spring was coming, with pink, new animal mutations, and the classic division of society into modern trunks that seemed to fall out of sight. Far Cry New Dawn is simply a light, post-apocalyptic and stand-alone game that evokes Far Cry Primal, that is, not a numbered part, but a “smaller.”

The main enemy this time is the pair of twins Mickey and Lou, who lead their own gang Highwayman. While Mickey is the brain of a gang, Lou is impulsive in nature, the one who forces the leader of the force by force. And now there is a row at Hope County, which will need all the help of your hero to keep the Highwaymen out of the way. You will be helped by a lot of weapons, including the circular discs

You can also help animals such as the dog shown in the trailer, the mega-kitchen or the hyena. In fact, the New Dawn stylization suits more than just a rather sparse five, but we are not sure whether we’d rather not see Rage 2 that looks even better. However, if you are a Far Cry fan, this could be a very nice refreshment, and the burned-out style will bring you quite new versus the five. The game will be released on February 15 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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