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connected sock to watch over baby while he sleeps

A French start-up marked the spirits of the 2019 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas . During the MonFoxy event, the company introduced a connected sock that monitors the infant while they sleep.

Sudden infant death during sleep remains a source of concern for parents. Between 2007 and 2009, a study by the Health Watch Institute revealed that the syndrome was the third leading cause of death for infants under one year of age. With the prospect of reducing the risk of sudden infant death, the startup MonFoxy created its connected sock – in collaboration with the University Hospital of Nancy.

MonFoxy is thus a connected object whose operation is based on different technologies. This sock comprises in the first place a sensor for oximetry. The component is used to determine the oxygen level in the blood and the pulse of the infant. To achieve this, the device illuminates the baby’s foot with small LED lamps. The radiation then makes it possible to obtain the measurements. The connected sock then loads a gyroscope to detect infant movements. It should be noted that the sleeping position of the baby is one of the aggravating factors of sudden infant death. Moreover, the famous sock also has a connected box capable of collecting data such as air quality or temperature . The case offers Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity – a low-wattage, infant-safe technology.

MyFoxy collects multiple data that are all processed with precise calculation algorithms. Once the data processing done, the sock sends the summary on the smartphones of the parents . The use of the accessory is of course with a dedicated application. The smart sock can send alerts to the extent that it detects dangerous parameters for the infant. Note that, like the Clock, the MyFoxy application can turn on an off phone.


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