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Belote online, the game on Android

Beloteis a must-have card game, the belote in mobile multiplayer is very simple. Just like with real cards, it is complete. This game also allows to play the coinche, and of course to make friends by participating in the chat. In the line of games we challenge the other players and have a great time. What a pleasure these moments of conviviality around a party with friends on Android.

“Belote enligne” is more than 40,000 players daily for 3 years who live together a unique experience. We dive into a world favorable to meetings, especially if we enjoy playing. If you have questions, you can find answers on the application’s Facebook page.

" The first is the classic belote, which is the most played variant and the most accessible to beginners, The game is so popular that as soon as we start playing we are joined by other players.
The second mode of play is the Coinche, intended for all those who wish to have more sensation and with a little more strategy.
In the 2 cases, it is necessary to respect stricto sensus the official rules of belote .

The network effect makes this game exciting, you can play at any time of day or night with players from all over the world as a team or alone.
We are always placed randomly on the game table with players of our level.

The “training” mode allows us to learn and improve our playing technique thanks to the 3 robots, our coaches with intelligence at our service.

A world prize list stimulates us so that our name appears at the top of the table in the series:
– Classification “friends”
– Classification “general”
– Classification “monthly”
– “Weekly” Ranking

Free spins are available every day thanks to daily bonuses.
The wheel, which once a day can bring us up to 1000 tokens.
The totem, a challenge that also reads can earn 100 tokens several times a day.
Friends ‘gifts and friends’ invitations, each guest friend installing the app earns us a bonus of 100 tokens.

The inter-player meeting space is the chat that connects belote players. The chat allows for private discussions with friends and to challenge or play together.

This Android game is available on Google Play Store, it is free.

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