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Rivals is available on Android

The announcement of the new Command & Conquer: Rivals mobile strategy was not very friendly. The Electronic Arts publisher introduced the game during the E3 conference, which focuses mainly on PCs and game consoles. The fans of the Command & Conquer game series waited for a full-fledged piece on the computer, but instead they got the mobile version. Now the game has come out and everyone can try it out for themselves and evaluate if the negative reactions have not been rushed.

You can install the Command & Conquer: Rivals on Android phones and tablets

If you had active pre-registration on Google Play, you probably yesterday or today there was a release notice . And if you download Command & Conquest, what can you expect? The bottom line is still a realtime strategy though much simplified to play comfortably on mobile phones.

Command and Conquer: Rivals – Official Reveal Traile One battle takes about 5 minutes which is a very short time. On the other hand, it can be a quick way of fun. Shorter playing time is more ideal on phones. At the beginning of the battle, you mainly benefit the raw materials for which you buy units . With these you try to get points and gain control of the rocket. The initial impressions of the game are mixed according to the players’ rating. However, as we have written above, anyone can try the novelty himself, install it free of charge.

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