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Pagan Online –

Wargaming announced the action RPG Pagan Online a month ago, which is far from normal in its portfolio. It’s not another historical “World of” title, but pure-fantasy from a pre-Christian era falling into the genre of diablos. The new is in motion, and who does not remember Diablo or Torchlight while watching the shots, he did not play.


Pagan Online is intended as a cooperative butcher, but no one will be able to defend you from solo playing. You will seize one of the many heroes with a different combat focus and chop everything that comes to your hand. The game promises tons of equipment and different skills, with a combination of heroes having a much greater impact on the difficulty of the duel (for example) with the bosses.

The first shots of the game will not stop for a second. The action will not be an emergency, whether you take on a classic tanka with a giant hammer or a “Fury” with a whip. Pagan Online does not look like originally, but we do not have so many good diabolics. If this is one of the better ones, then we will not suffer hundreds of mad enemies in the next year on computers. You can also play before releasing after signing in to testing.


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