The new Huawei application uses AI to help deaf children

Huawei, with the new StorySign app, is trying to make it easier for deaf children to learn to read. Since parents and teachers often do not know sign language, it may be a problem for deaf children to link words to life experience pages. Huawei is trying to fix it with application and artificial intelligence. The application can translate the words on the page into sign language, and it also has a better understanding for children, but also for parents in learning sign language

Huawei StorySign helps deaf children

The application is free on Google Play at AppGallery too. Does not require a Huawei phone. For the time being, Czechoslovakia does not support the Czech language and therefore can not be officially installed so far. At present, the applications have a total of 10 languages ​​. On the other hand, it can be used in older children for learning a foreign language

Huawei Storysign App UK

Each of ten languages ​​has one book available. Huawei promises the early expansion of the library . The application works by pointing to a book page, scraping the words, and moving to sign language . Here’s an animated character animated by Aardman Animations creators who you know as the creator of Wallace & Gromit films. Huawei with this application shows that the AI ​​and machine learning options are great and we are only at the beginning of what we can prove.

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