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Brawl Stars Most played Christmas Game

Supercell is the pinnacle among mobile publishers and his novelty is clearly unlikely to attack the position of the most played game this Christmas. Yes, I’m talking about the same team that completely changed the rules of the game with the title Clash Royale. This time, however, he is inspired by games like Fortnite or Overwatch.

There is no point in speculating whether the game has succeeded or not. Brawl Stars is a fun action game with excellent control over phone displays. But with the previous title, his authors have indicated trends, this time they are more likely to follow. But quite surprisingly, they do everything better than the competition.

The base is a shooter when you fight your hero against other players. The first mode is the 3 to 3 arena where each team tries to pick and hold 10 crystals. But if the hero dies, they lose all the crystals. This requires team coordination, and I have proven myself in a two-tiered strategy at the back while one player collects and retains all the crystals. But it is a big risk. This mode is fast, fun, but not revolutionary.

As the main one, for many, the second is Battle Royale. In it, 10 players will stand against each other on an ever-shrinking map. You know the premise, the performance is excellent again. You can play alone or in pairs. From the killing and picking of boxes, you gain multipliers of power. The most important of all, however, is the heterogeneity of the heroes. Surely you will find your favorite. Some are quite straightforward, others require more skills. On the one hand, you have a gunner and the other one with acid bottles.

Supercell games boast an innovative free-to-play system, and this is the case for this title. But I would say that it is unnecessarily complicated with Clash Royale. There you got the chests from the prizes. When there was no room, you did not get the chest and it did not make sense to play it for a while. Here instead you get the tokens to unlock the chests. But the amount of chips you can get depleted and restores time. At first it is unnecessarily confusing. It also has advantages

At Brawl Stars you always feel that you are unlocking something, somehow moving forward. And when you do not unlock the chest, you are minimizing the hero. It is also worth playing equally for everyone. That’s good, because the heroes are varied. I do not feel like this revolution has come, but with the processing and the fair-play free-to-play model, this game is rightly written among the blockbuster.

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