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Minions Paradise, little delirium on Android

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<p> Adorably zany, a game that relaxes a max. The Minions make us spend unforgettable holidays. A flowing boat, bad start Phil, the Minion certainly the most awkward of the band that augurs a sad stay. To be forgiven, he will turn a deserted island into a little paradise. Our goal is to help Phil build his Paradise for the Minions! <br /> <img decoding= Come on, we take out all the beach equipment, the parasols, the deckchairs, we open coconuts, we peel the bananas … Phil must make the island the temple of the party for the greatest pleasure of his friends and guests Kevin, Stuart and Bob. The island must become the trendy corner of the summer, we must find the most beautiful noubas for the legend turns the island into a dream destination.

We bring jacuzzis, hammocks on the island, we built beach volleyball courts, we create new events whose Minions are fans. As extravagant as in the movie, firefly trees are planted, electric eels are planted to produce energy, and a banana plantation is used to make the island a paradise for Phil and his friends.
 android application "width =" 600 "height =" 338 "/> <br /> The island is just waiting to get bigger, and in doing so we are offering more hilarious activities to the Minions. water skiing on alligator, special dive slide and many other attractions. <br /> Phil is the head of this holiday resort for the villains, those found in the film, on vacation to study the plans of the return to school. </p>
<p> The android application offers us to make purchases in App, we can disable them in the settings. </p>
<p> This game is played online, it is mandatory to have an Internet connection. Too bad the pub </p>
<p>This Android application </a> is available on the Google Play Store, it is free. </p>
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