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Google Maps section menu improved: update makes sharing easy

Many Android apps have been plagued for ages by a slow Sub-menu. The developers of the Google Maps app have therefore completely revised it in the latest update. This is how it works.


Google Maps section menu improved: this is how it works

In theory, it’s incredibly easy to share things from an Android app. If you have a photo, link or text that you want to send to others, you just have to press the Share button, which is in almost every Android app. In recent years, however, the menu behind this button is becoming slightly slower. Because you can share your data with so many apps, the menu often stutters or falters before you can use it. Not ideal, because as a result, you can easily make mistakes.

Google also seems to be aware of the irritation. Dave Burke, head of the Android engineering team, recently announced that a redesign is in the pipeline that is “faster and much nicer to use”. The latest Google Maps update may offer a first look at how it will look.

To see the new Share menu, open Google Maps and go to a location such as a restaurant or office. Press the ‘Share place’, and you immediately see the menu. At the top are your favorite contacts, now including a search field that allows you to find a specific contact.

A row below you will find your frequently used apps, such as WhatsApp and the Messages app. The menu also appears quickly and smoothly. Whether the standard Android submenu gets a similar look is still unknown.

Make your own Google Maps shortlist

In addition, it is now easier to share multiple locations at the same time. If you press the ‘Share parts’ button, you can also choose to add that location to a shortlist. While Google Maps is open, there is also a bubble in the picture that gives you an overview of all locations in the shortlist. For example, you can create a list of nice restaurants for a city trip, and share that complete list with your partner.

The improved Google Maps submenu can be found in the Android app within a few days now. Use the link below to the Play Store to check if you have the latest version of Google Maps.

Download Google Maps in Google Play (free)

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