You can also buy Xiaomi products in the LIDL shop. So far, these two

Chinese Xiaomi company years ago, it flew into the waters of smart electronics like a hurricane and today it is one of the most popular brands ever (it is said to be even the second most successful manufacturer of mobile phones). German LIDL string He paid for a long time for the Czechs mainly for a cheap grocery store, which, among other things, also became a seller of very decent technical products from tools to elements of a smart home. And although few people expected that, these worlds are officially interconnected.

In the e-shop, from which we sometimes present you with tips for interesting products (and we even test some of them), you will now also find Xiaomi brand products. There are two at the moment. Robotic vacuum cleaner Roborock S6 (9 499,-) a Xiaomi air purifier 3C (2 599, -). The Chinese company already has its own logo and search filter on the LIDL website. We can probably look forward to the fact that its products will continue to grow.

We are curious how the electronics of the Xiaomi, Silvercrest or LivarnoLux brands will thrive side by side, and how much the store will decide to build similar products against each other. All brands are connected mainly by low price and reasonable “performance”. So far, we have not been able to verify whether the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner and air purifier are physically on store shelves.

What is your experience with those brands so far?

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