Amsterdam has been given a specially designed bridge

Not only is the design special, it is also a first that this is a 3D printed bridge in Amsterdam.

3D printing is often more of a gimmick than a large-scale application for consumers. Especially in the industry nowadays it is very useful to be able to 3D print things. It is an efficient way of building. For example, there are more and more unique constructions that are made by printing materials.

3D bridge

For example, the very first 3D printed bridge was recently opened. Indeed, a design that has come to life by means of a large 3D printer. A nice first: this entire bridge is made of 3D printed steel. The designer is Joris Laarman, so a Dutchman. MX3D, the company that printed the bridge, is also Dutch.

3D printed bridge

Dutch pride

That would make this 3D-printed bridge a nice example of Dutch pride, but the placement is also for our country. The very first 3D printed bridge in the world has opened in Amsterdam! If you want to visit it: it is located on the canal at the Oudezijds Achterburgwal, near the Stoofsteeg.


Do that relatively quickly, because the special 3D printed bridge is there temporarily. The bridge that used to be there has been removed and it is being restored. The new 3D bridge must remain in place for two years before the original is replaced. An approach bridge, which explains why the modern design in the old street scene may be a bit shocking.


It is therefore 3D printed stainless steel, which is special in itself. It ensures that the 3D printed bridge weighs about 6,000 kg. It is a small pedestrian bridge. It contains sensors that can measure how many pedestrians use the bridge per day (or in total), which can also be used to measure whether the bridge needs to be replaced.

The 3D-printed bridge was officially opened by Queen Máxima on 15 July and will therefore remain in place until approximately mid-2023. As mentioned, perhaps a somewhat shocking design, but then you should avoid the Oudezijds Achterburgwal for a while. (via Municipality of Amsterdam)

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