What is OnePlus up to with cryptocurrency?

Smartphone giant OnePlus is launching a survey that asks very specific cryptocurrency questions. What are they up to?

OnePlus is flirting with crypto, according to a recent survey by the manufacturer. The questions, MySmartPrice mocks, are all about virtual currencies and blockchain. Of course, the survey shows that OnePlus wants something with cryptos, but what exactly could the company do for the booming market? And no, this time it’s not April Fools’ Day.

OnePlus flirts with cryptocurrency

The survey tries to find out what exactly the OnePlus supporters do with cryptos. Initially, it mainly concerns wallets and platforms that OnePlus fans may or may not use. These questions could point to a proprietary crypto wallet for OnePlus.

It is remarkable that OnePlus now seems to be entering this niche, as China recently banned cryptocurrency. Of course it is not known how much OnePlus will cooperate with the Chinese government, but offering trading platforms is simply illegal. So while the survey points to a OnePlus wallet, it shouldn’t be legal at all (in the home country).

Further questions delve deeper into the applications of the foundation of cryptocurrency, namely blockchain. This technology enables decentralized coins. And NFTs, because OnePlus also wants to know a thing or two about that.

All in all, the Chinese government’s ban on cryptocurrency makes any interference in that market difficult. Perhaps OnePlus has devised a loophole, for example by launching its own quotes app without actually trading the virtual currency.

Of course, it could also be that OnePlus is looking for new ways to implement blockchain technology in tech. By understanding what users do with the technology, they may be able to create a service or product that responds to it. For now, there are no official announcements from the brand.

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