Xiaomi makes you want to wear glasses too

Do you have good enough vision? Just think about glasses if they are as cool as these Smart Glasses from Xiaomi.

Let’s take an important elephant out of the room right away: the idea of ​​the smartglass is more popular than the smartglasses themselves. Smartphones are nowadays essential in everyone’s life and the will to ‘shrink’ the information from your smartphone to another device is also popular, just look at the smartwatch. Then a smart glass sounds brilliant. However, Google proved with the Google Glass that the consumer is not ready for it yet.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses

The world has now moved on a bit and so has technology. Xiaomi therefore dares to present a smartglass. It’s simply called Xiaomi Smart Glasses and let’s face it: it’s just a pair of glasses. The Google Glass was designed to be a kind of futuristic headband, so that eyeglass wearers could also use it. That is not the case with the Xiaomi glasses. That to start with.

Furthermore, it seems that the Xiaomi Smart Glass has been well thought out. One of the glasses turns into a screen whenever you want. By using different screen layers, your eye so close to a screen should not be a problem. The technology used is MicroLED.

Own device

We already talked about the smartwatch, but that’s not how you should see the Xiaomi Smart Glasses. The glasses consist of 497 components that make it a device in itself. A processor the size of a grain of rice should get things going and it even has the option of GPS, a camera(!), a microphone and speaker for calling and many other things.

The Xiaomi Smart Glasses can of course do a few things that your phone can also do: for example, you can receive notifications or calls on your screen. You can also navigate through your glasses and therefore take pictures. It will work as a kind of augmented reality experience. You see the world around you, but with extras. It’s a bit like walking around with a head-up display like in a car all the time.

In addition to the things already mentioned, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses runs on Android and it has the option of WiFi, Bluetooth and everything else you are used to from a phone. By the way, it is not an awkwardly heavy thing: it weighs only 51 grams.

The price of all this beauty is not yet known, but it seems obvious that a version of this smartglass is coming for the consumer. It could turn into something.

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