Instagram allows you to watch your favorites. It was time

It’s been a few years since the Instagram social network switched to displaying posts based on how the algorithm decides. He shows us photos and videos according to his own definition, what we might want to see. Of course, a lot of people hate this prince, just like on Facebook. But it is from his older and larger colleague that Instagram is starting to learn one handy option. Follow your favorite userswhose posts will appear more often and at the top.

For a long time now, Facebook has been offering sites, groups or users the opportunity to favor their posts in the algorithm so that they can display immediately and immediately at the top. By the way, we have included this feature in our previous guide on how to effectively monitor the Android World outside the main site. Instagram is now starting to test a similar principle internally. The item that is in the original commonly referred to as Favorites, discovered in the menu, for example, the developer Alessandro Paluzzi. You can take a look at his Tweet, in which he inserted several screenshots.

It is clear from them that watching your favorite accounts will lead to the display of content above in the posts channel. It is not yet clear how many profiles can be added in this way, and Instagram has not even officially announced when the novelty should be fully implemented.

How do you perceive display algorithms on social networks?

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