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You will know it for sure. You have just returned from an amazing holiday, a trip in the mountains, or a weekend chat with friends. You are full of impressions and experiences and your phone is full of photos capturing those great moments of the previous days. You decide to keep your experiences in print. After all, flipping through an album or straight into a nice photo book has its charm. Moments and stories from printed photos seem a bit closer and more intense than those from a mobile phone display.

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So you start downloading hundreds to thousands of photos. You select, sort, sort. An hour, two, three. That pile of photos has no end. You just wanted to create a photo book, but now you feel more tired than after that day of hiking.

Yes, that’s exactly how it has been so far. Often the motivation for creating a beautiful photo book turned into frustration and we stayed only with those unclassified photos in the mobile. Fortunately, it looks like it’s shining for better times.

Artificial intelligence in the lead role

We have discovered the HappyFoto smart moments application, which will make the creation of photo books easier so that everyone can do it and will not need half a day for it. The main advantage is that artificial intelligence is used to the maximum extent when creating a photo book. This means that he will do the longest and tedious work for you.

Happy Foto Smart Moments
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What has hitherto most discouraged people from creating a photo book has now been resolved. The application solves the three most important, but also the most demanding tasks for the user.

  1. It can automatically divide all the photos on the device into groups according to time and place and select the best experiences (photos).
  2. It offers the possibility to work with all photos, or only with selected ones. It can discard duplicates and those that failed.
  3. Automatically saves photos to the photobook without cropping. This means that you will not miss a head and the like in the photo.

How does it work?

The application can turn photos into groups of photos with the greatest experiences that fit into a photo book. It evaluates various criteria, such as information about the time or place where the image was taken.

Duplicates, captured documents, screenshots or poor quality images will be automatically excluded from the selection, artificial intelligence will select only the best photos. If you still want to use a discarded photo, you can.

Happy Foto Smart Moments
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While the photos are being analyzed and sorted, you can already tune the design or fill in the text to be printed on the boards. If you are satisfied, just order the photo book.

We also tried the application

Once launched, you will be greeted by a home screen, which is divided into two main sections – Products and My Projects. In the Products section you can create new photo books and order photos. My projects contain a list of products that you have already created.

All you have to do is click through the initial options (type of photo book, soft or hard board, etc.) and we get to the very environment in which we will work. The application then asks for access to the photos. Here you just need to either choose the photos you want, or leave it to the artificial intelligence that will do it for you. The photobook is ready in a few seconds.

Happy Foto Smart Moments
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Of course, you don’t have to identify with artificial intelligence decisions. Therefore, you can adjust everything to your liking. The foundation is done, the most demanding work has been done, now is the time for details.

You can exchange selected photos for others, add text to the photobook, choose what will be on the front and back, or change the overall design and colors of the photobook. There are really many possibilities. The combination of artificial intelligence and the subsequent possibility to adjust the photo book to your liking is therefore suitable for everyone.

Happy Foto Smart Moments
Photo: Editorial staff

Throughout the process, short instructions, tips and tricks are constantly displayed, which can significantly simplify the editing of the created photo book. Everyone can do it. If you are satisfied with your creation, just put it in the basket and order. All done.

The application is constantly improving, more news will be added

The bestseller is a solid photo book in A4 format in portrait format, it is clearly the most popular among customers. Other useful news will be added to the application in the near future. A photo ordering module was added last week. It is also able to select the best experiences and pictures, just like in the case of photo books. This will create a list of individual photos that the customer can have printed and sent.

On the occasion of the launch of the photo module, HappyFoto customers now have the opportunity to receive a 50% discount on premium photos.

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