The Twitter dislike button is finally here, but not the way you think

In the Twitter app you can no longer only like tweets, but also a dislike. This dislike button just doesn’t work the way you think.

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Twitter dislike: thumbs down?

It has been talked about for a long time on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook: if we let people give a like, should we also make it possible to give a dislike? The answer is usually no, because this radiates so much negativity. Yet Twitter now seems to be tackling.

Some tweeters using the iOS app now see several dislike options on tweets. Some see the well-known like button in the shape of a heart with an arrow down next to it. Others see a thumbs up and a thumbs down. And still others see an up arrow and a down arrow.

In a tweet via the Twitter Support account, Twitter informs that this obvious dislike button really isn’t a dislike button. That’s because the tweet’s author and the rest of the twitter users can’t see if the dislike button was pressed.

Twitter is trying this option to see what kind of comments people like in a conversation to show these comments more often. The dislike button can therefore only be found under the comments that have been sent to your tweets.


Twitter is not averse to testing features and removing them again if you don’t like them. At the end of last year, the app introduced Fleets, Twitter’s answer to Instagram Stories. This feature was hardly used, so it will disappear from August 3rd.

Twitter will soon receive a subscription in the form of Twitter Blue.


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