There will be a better mobile signal on ČD trains. Thanks to modern windows

The national carrier České dráhy announced a few days ago that it is able to provide passengers with a better mobile signal and, above all, a better data connection on its trains. Thanks to the Siemens patent. The German technology giant has developed a special type of window that can provide easier passage of waves with frequencies of 500 MHz to 3.5 GHz used by GSM networks. “We will be the first carrier in our republic and in Central Europe to offer passengers easier telephoning and receiving data on a moving train, ”ČD boasts on Instagram.

Special lined glass, which at first glance is not very different from the existing ones, is already part of several kits. “The new type of windows is used for the first time in 50 state-of-the-art cars intended for the connections of the Western Express and the Krušnohor express trains,” adds the largest domestic train operator. A better mobile signal in trains (not only) of ČD is certainly the desire of many passengers with mobile phones, tablets or laptops. We are very curious how this news will be reflected in practice.

How satisfied are you with the current train connection?

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