13x your funniest white lies

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We teach our offspring that lying is not allowed. Except for a white lie, because let’s be honest: they sometimes come out damn well. If you bought a chocolate bar, for example (“That’s way too spicy for you”). Even in these situations you sometimes resort to hilarious lies.

  • ‘This chocolate is really much too spicy for children’
  • “Mommy has to work while you’re at school.” *Is actually watching series on Netflix and enjoying the silence in the house*’
  • ‘The ice cream parlor only sells ice cream in the afternoon sweetie, sorry! Also, the playground almost always closes when we have to go home.’
  • “Mama can’t stand there, by that big slide.” (Mama doesn’t want her hair wet. Water is 1m10).’
  • “Sometimes I turn off toys and say the batteries are dead.”
  • Sorry darling, the playground is closed today! Maybe it’s open tomorrow.’

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  • “When the ice cream man’s bell/music rings, it means his ice cream is finished.”
  • “Bing / Peppa / Miss Rose is on vacation.”
  • ‘Unfortunately, these bonbons contain alcohol…’
  • “Endive was spinach when they were little, otherwise they wouldn’t like it.”
  • ‘Mommy, do you like my drawing? SURE HONEY.’
  • ‘The playground is closed today and the store only has fruit and vegetables, cookies are sold out.’
  • “If my child wanted to take home such a dirty feather from a bird, I said it couldn’t because the bird has lost it and must be looking for it.”

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