The Smart Ones, podcast by BNR, Androidworld and iCulture #2

The Smart Ones is a podcast that is the result of a collaboration between BNR, Androidworld and iCulture. This podcast focuses on the exciting and, above all, fun world of tech.

The Smart Ones

The second episode of The Smart Ones is online. In the podcast of BNR, iCulture and Androidworld we talk about the fun world of tech every week. We have a number of regular sections such as the ‘news of the week’ and ‘the review’, and we also cover a theme each week in an in-depth manner. The Smart Ones is not just about smartphones but will cover many more topics that belong in the world of tech. If you have any suggestions for us, please leave them in the comments.

The hosts of the podcast are Connor Clerx (BNR), Gonny van der Zwaag (iCulture) and Dimitry Wing (Android World).

#2 The day Facebook went black

The major 7-hour outage at Facebook showed us how much we all ‘reliant’ on the services of this company. How has this outage affected us and is it not the case that these companies have been given way too much power? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a universal standard so that we can always communicate regardless of the company or the app? That and more in episode 2 of The Smart Ones.

Here you can listen to The Smart Ones

This podcast can be listened to in your favorite podcast player, search for ‘The Smart Ones’

The Smart Ones is an initiative of BNR, iCulture and Androidworld and is powered by BLOX.

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