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setbacks in Androidland of 2020

Android is of course the most beautiful operating system there is, but not everything is cake and egg. In our weekly video we highlight six things in Androidland that were (quite) disappointing in 2020.

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Video: setbacks in Androidland of 2020

Our great interest in Android Planet you will of course find in the name: Android. From smartphones, to tablets and from new software updates to testing equipment for hands-ons and reviews. Everything you can think of comes to us every day in the form of news, tips, background articles, opinion pieces and more.

We also publish a weekly video on our YouTube channel and this week it is about the biggest setbacks in the Android area of ​​2020. We also discuss various aspects of Android, manufacturers and their products, releases and other telecom-related news such as 5G.

Setbacks in no particular order

For example, we do not fully understand the strategy of smartphone brand OnePlus. The OnePlus Nord N10 5G and N100 are, in our opinion, devices of little significance and that is a shame for such a brand. Android 11 has been introduced a while ago, but its rollout is slow, very slow. Only a handful of devices are already running on this new software and in our opinion it should have been much faster.

In addition, we mention Android One, the program from Google that provides a pleasant experience and a long term of updates. However, the speed with which those updates roll out is a disappointment. Whether Android One will be around for a long time, that is the question, in our opinion. The Galaxy Note 20 from Samsung is also a major setback, partly due to the high suggested retail price in combination with the plastic housing and screen of only 60Hz.

What certainly belongs in the list as far as we are concerned is Google and the release of their devices and gadgets in our region. For example, you can still not officially buy a Google Pixel smartphone here, and the new Chromecast with Google TV is still a long way off.

We conclude with 5G, because at the time of writing it is still in its infancy. However, providers and manufacturers try to make us believe that you can already benefit from it. However, this will only be the case from 2022, the year in which a specific frequency will be auctioned, so that the real 5G can only be used.

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