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Final series finale in stream from December (Prime Video) – dates & trailer

With the start of the second part of the sixth season “Vikings”, the series finale of the Viking epic is now within reach. It starts at the end of this year. You can find out the episode guide, all station dates and other interesting facts about the new challenges for Floki, Lagertha and Björn in “Vikings” Season 6 here at GIGA.

“Vikings” Season 6B: Finale from December in the stream

In February 2020, the mid-season finale of the sixth and last season of “Vikings” ran – now the real finale will finally continue at the end of the year. From December 30th 2020 the 10 remaining episodes will gradually appear in the stream Amazon Prime Video be available. All information about the known and expected broadcast dates can be found in the episode guide.

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Episode Guide – “Vikings” S6

episode German title Free TV (MAXX)
Stream (Amazon)
1 (70) In the empire of Russia 05/10/20 05.12.19
The battle for Kattegat has been over for six months, and Björn is king. But his royal duties cause him problems and he cannot rely on his mother, who has other plans. Ivar falls into the hands of the Kievan Rus. (Text: Amazon)
2 (71) the Prophet 10/12/20 05.12.19
While Bjorn wants to do the right thing as ruler of Kattegat, Prince Oleg of Kiev seems unaffected by his conscience. Even Ivar is shocked by Oleg’s malevolence as he struggles for control of the heir to the throne of the Rus Empire. (Text: Amazon)
3 (72) Sea on fire 10/19/20 12/12/19
Lagertha’s new congregation is shaken by shocking events that force them to act. In Kiev, Ivar realizes the danger that Oleg represents. Björn rushes to the aid of an old enemy. But a catastrophe awaits his armed forces. (Text: Amazon)
4 (73) The burning village 10/26/20 12/19/19
Lagertha leads her village’s counterstrike to the latest attacks. Olaf has big plans for Norway’s future. Even if Ivar suggests Oleg’s claims to Scandinavia, he is more interested in Igor, the heir to the throne that Oleg controls. (Text: Amazon)
5 (74) election day 11/02/20 01/02/20
When Norway’s kings and Jarle come to Harald’s territory to elect the King of Norway, King Olaf is confident. Lagertha’s village is preparing for further raids by the robbers. In Kiev, Ivar and Igor are playing a risky game. (Text: Amazon)
6 (75) Lagertha’s song 11/9/20 01/09/20
Björn has to act quickly after being elected King of All Norway. Believing in a certain victory, the robbers attack Lagertha’s village again. In Kattegat, a restless and paranoid Hvitserk gets into a downward spiral. (Text: Amazon)
7 (76) The mother of Norway 11/16/20 1/16/20
Björn has a vision and is returning to Kattegat. Harald takes revenge on Olaf. In Kiev, Ivar and Igor received interesting news about Prince Dir. (Text: Amazon)
8 (77) Half of the sky 11/23/20 23/01/20
Björn faces a difficult decision. Ubbe and Torvi leave Kattegat in search of new countries and old friends. Oleg’s plans to invade Scandinavia are taking shape. King Harald is at a loss as to where a band of robbers is coming from. (Text: Amazon)
9 (78) On the edge of the world 11/30/20 1/30/20
In Iceland, Ubbe and Torvi meet a mysterious hiker. Björn thinks about who his enemies are when Erik comes up with worrying news. Björn needs allies – can he convince his old enemy King Harald? (Text: Amazon)
10 (79) Bloody beach 07.12.20 02/06/20
Ivar and Igor make a pact against Oleg, but leave Kiev with his army to invade Scandinavia. King Harald and King Bjorn are feverishly preparing for the invasion. But is that enough to withstand the Russian forces? (Text: Amazon)
11 (80) TBA probably end of 21 12/30/20
12 (81) TBA 12/30/20
13 (82) TBA Vsl. 01/06/21
14 (83) TBA Vsl. 13/01/21
15 (84) TBA Vsl. 01/20/21
16 (85) TBA Q1 2021
17 (86) TBA Q1 2021
18 (87) TBA Q1 2021
19 (88) TBA Q1 2021
20 (89) TBA Q1 2021
lagertha season 6 vikings giga article picture
Image: History

“Vikings” Season 6: Start & more information about the finale

With the first official trailer, the broadcaster “History” also announced the start date of the first half of “Vikings” Season 6. The season kick-off took place in North America as a double episode on December 4th, 2019. The 10 episodes of the first part were then broadcast weekly. In Germany then it went on December 05, 2019 Come on.

Since January 31, 2019, the season finale of “Vikings” season 5 can be seen on Amazon Prime Video. The sixth season was planned for a long time, but will also be the last reunion with Floki, Bjorn and Co.

Like the two previous seasons, season 6 again consists of a total of 20 episodes. But what comes after the aptly titled “Ragnarök” finale of the fifth season. Showrunner Michael Hirst answers in an interview with colleagues from TVGuide as follows:

“[…] We’re starting season six with Ivar in a completely different position, in a completely different world, where we feel there is something positive that can come of it. We see Bjorn try to evolve into a positive ruler and hope that the age of destruction and darkness that surrounds the world in Season 5 can be overcome in Season 6. And in fact, there is a lot more brightness in season 6 in some ways, but it’s also very unstable. She is fragile. It is a weak hope, but it is still there. “

Actress Katheryn Winnick, who took over the role of Lagertha in the first five seasons, also made her directorial debut in the sixth season.

In addition, it is with the Russian actor Danila Kozlovsky (Legend No. 17, hardcore) the figure of the Oleg the Wise introduced from Novgorod. The Warsaw ruler of the Rus, who was also called “the Prophet”, is said to have taken over the old Russian place from Igor von Rus in 879 and is considered the founder of the “Kievan Rus”.

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