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Review of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Sensor Set: An Inexpensive Basis for Home Security

Since the sensors are also in pairs in this basic set, it is advisable to name them for better orientation. And not just to make it clear what just flashed or opened, but mainly to make other settings. The biggest charm of the whole system (and many other similar systems) lies in setting up scenes and scenarios. The basic premise is that motion sensors or magnetic switches on a window or door can be used to automatically trigger an alarm or flash the central unit. There are really a lot of variants and their number increases the moment you add them to the system lights, air purifier or camera. That is, elements that would be on the same level as this whole set. Devices that may be under the parental supervision of the gate include, in addition to those listed, a thermometer, a smart socket and a light sensor. But you are not in this set.

You can’t master the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Smart Sensor Set without English

A button can also have a separate role, and it’s great that it knows short, long and double presses. The combination for scenes is created in a very nice format in the style of “When…”… something… “So…” on special application cards. But here I also get to one significant disadvantage. You will not find such labels in the application, as among the languages ​​we find Czech. While knowing the system is about knowing a few basic concepts, it could be quite annoying for a complete non-English speaker. However, as far as graphics, functions, links between elements, UI and UX and stability are concerned, I have nothing to complain about. It can be seen that Xiaomi developers are working hard to ensure that the wide range of “smart home” products of this brand have a good support in software.

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