TOP Android applications and games of the week

In the selection TOP Android applications of the week we are trying to bring you closer to new applications and games that are up to Play Store received only recently and worth a try. These are interesting domestic and foreign titles that have fascinated us with their design, functions and overall impression. They only got to Google Play a few days ago, and most of them have almost no user ratings.

TOP Android applications and games of the 8th week

Stickman War Legend of Stick

Let’s start with a fun, strategy game in which you make important decisions in real time. Use medieval warfare tools to win the war with your army. With individual fighters, you can invent different styles of play and then improve all your soldiers. Give them better weapons and teach them new abilities.

File Manager Pro – File Explorer

This file browser in the internal storage of the smartphone tries to imitate the explorer we know from personal computers. In other words, in addition to a similar look, you’ll also find features you’ve been looking for in a long time, such as selecting multiple files at once, cutting, copying, pasting, renaming, moving, creating a new folder, renaming, searching, hiding, zipping / unzipping, sharing and and so on.

Brain Test: IQ, Memory, Personality and Love Test

You may already know similar tests. You must have encountered something like this in the past, for example on the social network Facebook. You can test your IQ, love relationships, memorization skills, your personal character or pattern recognition. You don’t have to take the result lightly, rather it is a tool for short fun.

Throw In

Finally, we have this simple-looking game called Throw In. As the name may suggest, you will try to throw the basketball in the basket. In the shortest possible time, you have to throw the ball of the appropriate color into the correct basketball hoop. You train not only your accuracy, but also the speed of decisions.

TOP Android applications and games of the 7th week:

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TOP Android Apps and Games of the Week Week 7 2021

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