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Samsung uses an iPhone to promote the Galaxy Note 9 on Twitter

And here we go again for new blunders. The Nigerian branch of Samsung recently posted a tweet to praise the Galaxy Note 9. The Super AMOLED screen was put forward. Until then, no problem … unless we look at the device used to post the tweet.

Indeed, the tweet with the message and the photo has been posted since an iPhone, as evidenced by the mention “via Twitter for iPhone”. The blunder was spotted by Brands Brownles (MKBHD) and Samsung was quick to respond. The tweet was deleted first. Samsung then went further by completely removing the account of its Nigerian branch.

Samsung seems to like the iPhone anyway since the Saudi branch also used the Apple smartphone to post a tweet touting the Galaxy Note 9 screen. Here again you can read “via Twitter for iPhone.”

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It’s pretty amazing to see this type of gaffes in 2018, especially when know that there have been several over the years. A few months ago for example, actress Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) published a tweet touting a Huawei smartphone.

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