The Best Dating Apps on Android

Nowadays, more and more dating apps are surfacing. But which ones will allow you to find someone easily through your phone? We unveil the 5 best dating apps for Android.

Top 5 Best Dating Apps on Android

1. Tinder, the application of “fast dating” par excellence

Today known to all, Tinder is a reference in dating applications for Android. On Tinder, the idea is simple: we present you the profile of a person, if you like, you “swip” (understand “slide your finger”) on the right, and if it does not please you, you swip to left and the app instantly shows you a new profile.

If you put a “like” to a profile and the person in front of you like you in return, then you will get a match! From this match, you have the opportunity to start a discussion with your partner.

On Tinder, the goal is really to make volume, that is to say to try to enter in touch with as many people as possible to increase your chances of finding the right person. A good way to meet new people?

2. Once, for romantics in search of “slow dating”

In a style literally opposed to Tinder, Once offers you not to have access to dozens of different profiles per day but rather to to have just one. Every day, at noon, you discover your new meeting that has been chosen by the app based on criteria that you have established in advance.

You must therefore determine the age range that interests you, the “type” of the person (Latin, Asian, Caucasian, etc.) and his religion (atheist, christian / catholic, Muslim, jew, etc.). It is up to you to select your preferences so that you are introduced to the person who best suits you.

3. Happn, the app that meets the people you met

The concept of Happn is different: you share your rental in real time with the application, and it is responsible for offering you profiles that you met during the day. These are other people who also have an account on Happn and who are looking for new encounters.

The novelty of Happn is also his CrushTime. This feature allows you to choose between 4 profiles, only one of the 4 you have ever liked in secret. If you choose the right profile, you get a match and you can send him a message directly. If the profile is not right, you can retry your luck among the remaining 3 (it will cost you 1 credit), or then go on to the next 4 profiles.

4. Grindr, the Happn for homosexual or bisexual relations

Grindr is a dating application for the gay and bisexual community. It is available on Android, and is very similar to Happn since it offers profiles that you have already met or are near you. Grindr is destined rather for ephemeral meetings, even if the door is always open to more serious meetings. Yours to play!

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5. Adopt A Dude, the App that gives full powers to women

The original concept of Adopt A Guy has already seduced millions of people on Android. Here, women do their shopping: they choose to put in their “basket” men who can contact them. Without this permission, women can not be contacted.

Adopt A Dude is a totally free site for women. However, if the registration remains free for men, they will then pay to send “charms” to their contenders, the famous gadgets that encourage women to put them in their basket.

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