Just yesterday, the developer Guilherme Rambo discovered the presence of a new Smart Battery Case in the code of watchOS 5.1.2, for the new iPhone. Today, he shares other information, as well as a first image.

A search in the latest update of iOS reveals that Apple is preparing three variants of the Smart Battery Case. They are numbered A2070, A2071 and A2171. This strongly suggests that there will be a Smart Battery Case for the iPhone XS that is 5.8 inches, a model for the iPhone XR that is 6.1 inches and another model for the iPhone XS Max that makes 6.5 inches. It would be a first in any case, Apple has never offered the Smart Battery Case for its largest iPhone before.

Visually speaking, we can notice that the battery at the back of the protective shell occupies more room on the new model right on the image. This suggests that the capacity will be larger, which is a good point to take longer.

When will Apple offer its new Smart Battery Case? Soon, if we believe the mentions in iOS. An exit before the end of 2018 should take place, so Apple could make an announcement as early as next week. After all, the first Smart Battery Case was released in December 2015.