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An Apple Watch soon to be offered with the insurance contract?

The insurers more and more often incorporated the Apple Watch at their insurance contract. Vitality Insurance or even UnitedHealthcare are among those insurers who believe that the Apple Watch offers “ a remarkable opportunity for a healthier society “.

New economic “models” are even being evaluated: thus, Vitality Insurance conducted a study on the basis of 400,000 client-users. Participants were either to pay 99 pounds for a Apple Watch Series 4 (in addition to their insurance policy), or 9 pounds with a monthly subscription of 12.5 pounds, subscription level-conditioned physical exercise recorded by the Apple Watch. The more exercises are numerous and intense, and the less the user must pay a subscription; at best, it does not pay the subscription at all.

On average, those who chose the subscription plan spent physically for a period of 4.8 days/month, which is an increase in volume. physical exercise of the order of 34% compared to those who paid the Apple Watch “ full pot “. The addition of the ECG function should consolidate this give-and-take approach.

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