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Rik has a fling with the English Jody: ‘A break during a boring working visit’

Rik (33): “I’ve played pretty much every relationship site. Tinder, Happn, Badoo, I swiped and texted myself and met regularly for sex. Still, no one stuck. I am either too critical or too impatient. I didn’t manage to stay in love with someone for long. When the worst crush was over, the sex and my interest often subsided. My ex-girlfriend called me a man with a fear of commitment. I don’t know if I’m really scared, but I find relationships get boring quickly. Still, I’ve had a kind of fling with Jody for a year and a half now.

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No strings attached

Jody lives in England. I don’t know about her life, other than that she is married there, has two children and a dog. She is CEO of a clothing brand and comes to Amsterdam for a few days every month. She then stays in a hotel. Her advertisement on Tinder was very clear: she was looking for Dutch company those evenings. But no strings attached, so: without obligation.

A man was not allowed to claim her, demand more than those four nights a month. In return, she would not disappoint him. I found it exciting. Especially found her very exciting. Jody’s photos were a bit tacky. I could barely see her face, hidden behind a felt hat and sunglasses. But you could see all the more of her body: big, full breasts in a tight tiger top, short skirt, long boots with heels. Completely my type.

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Apparently my photo was also popular, because we became a Tindermatch and after a few messages back and forth, we agreed. In her hotel suite. She opened the door and before I knew it we were already on the floor, pulling wild clothes off each other’s bodies. That first time, we made love for four hours straight. At a certain point I really couldn’t do anymore. But the night after, I was back in her bed. And so it has remained. I am really impressed with her. She knows what she wants, both career wise and in bed. Jody has a huge one sex drive. For her I am a break during a boring work visit, for me she is my monthly workout.

‘Not been a boring night yet’

Usually she texts me as soon as she knows exactly when she is coming and I block those evenings in my agenda. I don’t think that’s an obligation. There are only four per month, that can be done. And it is always a party. Sometimes she wants to tie me up and she dresses in tight latex or leather. The other time I get a super sweet body-to-body massage with lots of oil and we fall asleep entwined. Or she orders sushi and ice cream for an orphanage that we eat in bed, while we watch series and end up having sex in the shower. It hasn’t been boring for a night with Jody. ”

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