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McLaren smartphone from OnePlus can charge at lightning speed

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The staged OnePlus 6T that the company unveils next week is not only more powerful. This McLaren smartphone can apparently also charge faster than the standard model.


McLaren version OnePlus 6T faster charging

Images of the ‘Salute to Speed’ version of the OnePlus 6T developed in collaboration with McLaren have surfaced on Twitter. These marketing materials promise, among other things, a new feature called ‘Warp Charge 30’, with which you have ‘enough electricity after twenty minutes of charging’ for a full day of use.

The name suggests that the smartphone comes with a 30 watt charger. That is a nice upgrade compared to the OnePlus 6T. The ‘Dash Charge’ charging technology on that smartphone knows how to charge the battery after 30 minutes with a 20 watt charger. This McLaren variant can therefore theoretically recharge about 50 percent faster.

A speed record is not it: Oppo, part of the same company as OnePlus, has a device that is already 100 percent full after 34 minutes. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is also being recharged smoothly: the 40-watt battery pack included provides a 40 percent full battery after just fifteen minutes.

More working memory

The images also confirm some other leaked specifications. The device has 10 GB memory and 256 GB storage space, a considerable upgrade compared to the 6 GB memory and 128 GB storage space. Where that extra power is going to be used is still unclear. Most other top models are equipped with 6GB memory, which in practice is more than enough to store most apps in the main memory.

The recommended price and exact release date of this variant are still unclear, but we’ll probably hear more about that within a week. McLaren and OnePlus organize a joint event on the circuit of the automaker on 11 December to present a smartphone. Immediately afterwards, the 6T is put on sale. Whether it is a long-term collaboration is unclear.

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