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Netflix unpacks Stranger Things 4 vol 2 trailer!

Ten more days and then you can tune in to the second part of season 4. For now, Netflix is ​​already swinging a trailer for Stranger Things 4 vol 2 into the world.

Of course we all binge-watched part 1 as soon as it came out. And a big cliffhanger that I won’t explain here for those who haven’t quite got through it yet (shame).


Enthusiastic reactions after an absence of three years, of course, but also criticism. For example, the fourth season would be too scary. The series has slowly moved from exciting to scary, more horror. Corpses, blood, elements of surprise, you need to be a little firmer this season.

Trailer Stranger Things 4 vol 2

That’s no different for part 2 of Stranger Things 4. That will be available on Netflix on Friday, July 1. Here’s the trailer.

Part 2 will consist of only two episodes. Only two film-length episodes! Yes, two-hour Stranger Things episodes, that’s how you get through the first weekend of July.

The trailer shows a preview of what’s to come. Eleven insists on helping her friends take out the evil Vecna ​​and save Hawkins from destruction. Can Eleven get it all done? We can’t wait until next Friday!

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