first smartwatch will arrive in 2021

OnePlus has shared a little more information about its plans for next year. It is clear that we can expect the first smartwatch from OnePlus in 2021.

First smartwatch from OnePlus in 2021

OnePlus will definitely come with its own smartwatch, Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, has said. The new smartwatch from the manufacturer is to be released in 2021, all details about the smartwatch have not yet been announced. There have been reports and rumors about the existence of a OnePlus smartwatch for a long time, but the manufacturer kept its lips together. The manufacturer is working with Google on improvements for Wear OS, but it is not clear whether the smartwatch from OnePlus will also be marketed with Wear OS.

The new smartwatch should appear early next year, but a name for the watch is not yet. In addition, the rest of the data is still missing, so it remains guesswork what OnePlus is planning. There are messages circulating about a round dial. A few years ago, OnePlus also had plans to release its own wearable, but those plans then disappeared in the trash.

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