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Project CARS 4 will be the most realistic simulation of all time -apkrig

Although the third installment of the Slightly Mad Studios Project CARS series was not released until the end of August and received a very lukewarm reception, the head of the studio, Ian Bell, is already talking about a sequel. Simplification for Project CARS 3 has resulted in an average mark on reviews of just around 70 percent. And rock fans were usually even more critical. Ian Bell promised on Twitter that the developers had learned and that Project CARS 4 would be the most realistic simulation of all time. In every respect.

In the first post, for example, Bell promised that each ticket would cast its own shadow, which should indicate support for ray tracing.

Ian Bell published a series of tweets, which he subsequently deleted again for unclear reasons. However, they were captured, for example, by GTPlanet magazine. In the first post, for example, Bell promised that each ticket would cast its own shadow, which should indicate support for ray tracing. In another tweet, he was tempted to improve the engine and technology with a reference to the Madness 2.0 engine and the Live Track 4 system. The shot in the deleted tweet is to come from the Nürburgring or Nordschleife circuit.

On the one hand, the fans are very happy that the authors have heard their response and are taking back the tendency towards a more arcaded concept of the last game. Who wouldn’t want back pit stops, realistic fuel consumption or tire wear. On the other hand, it is strange that talk of the four begins so shortly after the release of the third part, and moreover, that tweets from Ian Bell’s profile have disappeared again. However, this is not the first time that representatives of the Slightly Mad Studios team have been communicating their news in such a confused way. Let’s not forget that it is the same company that until recently attracted players to its own Mad Box super console.

It is a question of what is behind the eruption of tweets and subsequent deletion. PR department, the current owner of Slightly Mad Studios, who are Codemasters since November 2019, or EA, who announced this month that they will buy Codies for $ 1.2 billion. The deal should be completed in the first quarter of next year. Interestingly, Slightly Mad Studios has worked with Electronic Arts themselves in the past. Together, the companies released the games Need for Speed: Shift and Shift 2: Unleashed.

Slightly Mad Studios are not having a good year. In addition to Project CARS 3, they also sent Fast & Furious Crossroads to the market this year. The game, which won a film license, was one of the worst titles of this year. This year, the Codies certainly did better with the racing games Dirt 5 and F1 2020, and last year, in addition to the formulas, they also released Dirt Rally 2.0 and Grid.

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