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OnePlus is officially working on a connected watch

It is the CEO of the manufacturer Pete Lau who confirms this information. OnePlus would be well in preparation for a smartwatch in the coming weeks. A new product after smartphones and headphones.

The year 2020 was the year of all the changes for the Chinese brand OnePlus. The latter has completely revised its approach to the mobile telephony market. Exit high-end products at more affordable prices, since with its range of Nord, the firm is aimed at a different audience. With this, other products have been added to the firm’s catalog such as wireless headphones. Pete Lau has also just announced the arrival of a connected watch, currently under development.

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Will the OnePlus connected watch be marketed in Europe?

If for a few months, a wind of freshness has been blowing on OnePlus in the West, it is not 100% guaranteed that the new connected watch of the firm will land in France. Indeed, the brand has already given the premiere of certain products to markets it considers more favorable. OnePlus televisions are thus marketed exclusively in India without a deployment in Europe being planned for the moment. But following the One Buds Z, it would be quite logical to see a smartwatch arrive.

In an interview with Inputmag, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed that his company is working on a new smartwatch. In addition, the latter also revealed that a project had been launched in 2015, when the Apple Watch began to gain in popularity. The circumstances meant that the brand had to focus on the OnePlus 2 overheating issues. The manager claims to be working with Google to improve Wear OS, but it is not yet confirmed that the connected watch will work with this operating system. .

Source: Inputmag

OnePlus is officially working on a connected watch

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