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“My youngest daughter is really the boss. Especially when going to bed’

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An extra story or sleeping in the big bed with mom and dad. Every night those little rascals get it done again with those big puppy eyes and silver tongue.

Esther (37): “I regularly get strange looks when I carry my daughter Milou (4) in one arm and my son Nathan (2) in the other. They often don’t feel like walking and then I think: come to me.

Own bed

My son has his own double mattress, has never fallen asleep at home without my husband and me, and one of us always lays next to it at night when he wakes up. Which is the case every night. My daughter comes to lie in our bed at night and before she goes to sleep we are busy with books, massages and songs for about 45 minutes.

“Before she goes to sleep, we are busy with books, massages and songs for about 45 minutes”

Both my children had bad reflux as babies, we couldn’t put them down after a feed for the first nine months of their lives. As a result, they always fell asleep with us. After such a long time it felt strange to stop doing that. So we just kept doing it.”

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The boss

Eve (35): “My youngest daughter Jyoti (4) is really the boss. About everyone. I thought I had a backbone, but when someone always gets their way… Especially at bedtime. It is an agreement that she gets one story and three songs. She adds a song or story every time. And then I’ll lie with her again until she’s asleep, while my husband just walks away. He is much less sensitive to it.”

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