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Reader survey 2020: The winners and losers among the brands

At Androidworld we regularly hold surveys. We do this in the reader survey and during the AW Advent calendar. This gives us an idea of ​​what is going on in our community and which devices they use. Discover the brands of smartphones that have visited our website the most in the past year.

AW reader survey

We have been conducting the reader survey and the AW Advent calendar since 2017. On average, we receive 2500 responses to a question, which gives us a relevant result that is representative of the website visit on Androidworld. The numbers you see below are irrelevant to the entire market because Androidworld automatically attracts a specific target audience of readers. For example, you can imagine that a beauty blog will generate a completely different result than a tech site.

One of the most important questions we ask every year is “What brand of smartphone do you use?” This gives us a good idea of ​​the breakdown among the brands when it comes to our visitors In the chart below we have listed the stocks for the past three years (average n = 2500).

Market share is shifting

* = only requested in 2018, – = not active in these years, devices with a share below 0.5% are not mentioned unless there was a growth.

It will come as no surprise that Samsung is still used by the majority of visitors. This share has even increased by 2.7% since 2018. OnePlus has had a very large share on our website for years. Still, they’ve lost a percent since 2018, but we’re still seeing a respectable 10% share. The decrease could be due to the higher prices of the OnePlus flagships and competition from, for example, Xiaomi, which also has devices with strong specifications for an accessible price.

It is painful to see that Huawei still had an 11% share of our visitors in 2019 and has made a plunge of 3.2% within a year. Painful because it has nothing to do with the quality of the devices, but everything with the consequences of the conflict with the United States. Xiaomi, on the other hand, is on the rise, because in 2018 the share was 2.7% and that has risen to 6.3% in two years. That’s more than doubling, and Xiaomi’s growth on a global scale is also evident.

Reader survey 2020: The winners and losers among the brands

OPPO has been on the Dutch market just a little longer than Xiaomi and is growing steadily at a lower average per year. It seems that OPPO is more committed to brand awareness, given the outdoor advertising and the partnership with The Voice of Holland.


Not only Huawei has to cope with a decline, because there are more losers. For example, we see Sony fall by 2.4% and LG also declines further in share with just under 0.5%. In addition, Nokia’s figures also require attention. Since the introduction of the new Nokia by HMD, many readers have been very enthusiastic, especially because of the accessible Android One software that runs on the devices. Still, in 2020 we see a decrease of 1.8% and we wonder why?

The new brands Poco and Realme are expected to do well. These brands offer a lot for very little and the Dutch always find that attractive.

Readers' survey 2020: The winners and losers among the brands


An important difference from most studies into the market share of smartphone brands is that we receive data from active devices that visit our website. Very often studies only look at the sales figures and the mutual power relationship between manufacturers. Unfortunately, we have no insight into the actual market shares of the brands in the Netherlands.

Changes in stock seen in this study are somewhat less slow than with recent sales. On the other hand, this overview does give a good picture of the current balance of power. It’s also interesting to see that the same trends we are in phone sales in 2020 are creeping into this study anyway.

What do you think of the power shifts? Did you expect these numbers or are you perhaps surprised by certain numbers? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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