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iPhone 11 Pro in 2021 is a smart choice for camera fans

The iPhone 11 Pro is only a year old, but the lower price makes it an interesting alternative to the iPhone 12. We test it again in this review update for 2021.

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The iPhone 11 Pro for this review update was provided by Apple

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Because iPhones last for years and are often sold for years, we have come up with something on iPhoned. We test every iPhone that Apple still supports with iOS updates in this section.

Here we look at whether an iPhone is still worth buying in 2021. Today it is the turn of the iPhone 11 Pro. Also read our other review updates:

Design: after a year already somewhat outdated

You will have noticed that Apple introduced a new design with the iPhone 12. With harder edges and no rounded corners, the latest iPhones are more like the recent iPad Pros than the iPhone 11.

The disadvantage of this is that the iPhone 11 Pro immediately feels less ‘new’ than the iPhone 12, while it only takes a little more than 12 months. If Apple releases the iPhone 13 in 2021, it will look the same as the iPhone 12, which means that the 12 will continue to feel like a modern iPhone for at least three more years. The iPhone 11 Pro therefore feels just as ‘old’ as the iPhone X.

That does not mean that the iPhone 11 Pro still looks good. The midnight green color is still a personal favorite not outdone by the dark blue of the iPhone 12 Pro.

Something the iPhone 11 Pro lacks compared to the iPhone 12 series is the ceramic shield. This new glass plate makes the iPhone 12 much more scratch and fall resistant, and it shows. The iPhone 11 Pro that I have used for a year is the iPhone with the most scratches, while the iPhone 12 Pro still looks like new after a few months. So stick a screen protector on it.

iPhone 12 autofocus

Performance: nothing to criticize

The advantage of an iPhone is its long life. Because Apple develops hardware and software itself and coordinates so well with each other, the iPhone 11 Pro can still easily compete with the best smartphones of the moment a year later.

The iPhone 12 is faster and better, but in practice you will not notice much of this. The iPhone 11 Pro easily runs the heaviest apps and games and will continue to do so for the time being. We expect 99% of iPhone users to get more than enough power with the iPhone 11 Pro.

We tried graphics-intensive games like Sky: Children of the Light, Genshin Impact and Call of Duty: Mobile. The iPhone 11 Pro can handle these games without any problems, with relatively short loading times. Only in a few years you will notice that the iPhone 12 has a more modern chip than the iPhone 11, but that is nothing to worry about in 2021 (and also in 2022).

Price and camera: an interesting iPhone 12 alternative

What strikes us most is the price the iPhone 11 Pro is now sold for. On average, you pay around 920 euros for a new model with 64GB of memory, two hundred euros less than the iPhone 12 Pro and only fifty euros more than the iPhone 12.

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