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That is how well the Xiaomi smartphones sell

Xiaomi has made good money with the Redmi Note series smartphone. The company has announced this itself.

Xiaomi is growing nicely, even in the Netherlands you keep hearing the name. The Chinese tech brand is extremely suitable for the Dutch market. For us stingy Dutch people, ‘much for little’ naturally sounds like music to our ears. And that is what a brand like Xiaomi stands for. Xiaomi has now announced the successes they have achieved with the Redmi series.

Selling Xiaomi Redmi Note series

Xiaomi has sold more than 140 million of the Redmi Note series worldwide. Figures from research organization Omdia also show that the Note 8 series was the second best-selling model in the world.

Redmi Note hit the market six years ago. Over the years, the phone received the necessary updates to make the smartphone up to date again. Other series also proved successful. We already mentioned the Note 8 series, but the Note 7 series also sold more than 10 million devices in the 4 months after its launch. The Note 8 series fared even better with more than 10 million sales in the first 3 months after launch. Xiaomi therefore says that the Note series is one of Redmi’s most successful product lines.

The new Redmi Note 9 series is on the way and is expected in early 2021.

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