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3 upcoming PlayStation 5 games to keep an eye on

Do you want to try out a new game in the upcoming period? You should keep an eye out for these 3 upcoming PlayStation 5 games.

Major game releases usually take place in the fall. Think of a new Call of Duty for example. That does not mean that there is nothing to experience in the first months of a new year. There are at least three titles to look forward to in the coming months. They will appear on the PlayStation 5 (the titles from this list will also appear on other platforms) and will be playable soon.

Dying Light 2 – February 4, 2022

A new Dying Light. That’s something to look forward to! The first part of the zombie survival game appeared in 2015. So it’s high time for part two. This second part will be released in a few weeks, including on the PlayStation 5. Check out the trailer below. If you are a fan of zombie games then this is a title to keep an eye on.

Gran Turismo 7 – 4 March 2022

Also a game that we have been looking forward to for a long time. And a game that’s been years in the making. On March 4, the time has finally come. After a period of delay, expectations are sky high. In March we can finally get started with GT7, on both the PlayStation 5 and the PS4!

Grand Theft Auto V – March 2022

No firm date has yet been communicated for GTA V on the PlayStation 5. But Rockstar Games is expected to release in March. With 60 fps and 4k gaming, GTA V on the PS5 should deliver a completely new experience. Check out a trailer below.

Additions in terms of PlayStation 5 games? Drop them in the comments.

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