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Zoom would prepare an email and calendar service to compete with Google

Zoom may well compete with Google and Microsoft with its own email and calendar service. According to The Information, the videoconferencing platform is currently preparing for this new adventure.

2020 has been a fantastic year for Zoom given the Covid-19 and containment. Many people have used its service to stay in touch with loved ones. The group’s stock has climbed 487% in one year, to be around $ 389 so far.

But Zoom knows that it will be necessary to have fun to continue to hit the mark, hence the plan to have an e-mail and calendar service. It would be a way to compete with Gmail, Outlook, Google Calendar and other similar services. It is not a simple task anyway, since the habits are already taken. Everyone already has an e-mail account. Zoom should therefore offer real added value to make people want to choose their service over those of Google, Microsoft and others.

At this point, Zoom would already be working on the email service, but not yet on the Calendar service. There is little information about the email service at this time, other than that it would be available from the web. A dedicated app would not be necessary, therefore. This is no surprise, since Gmail and the others take the same approach.

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