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It seems that the leak of information about upcoming titles from Take-Two was true. Regardless of the fact that XCOM with a license from Marvel or the spin-off Borderlands with Tiny Tina in the lead role was commented in a positive spirit by journalists Jason Schreier or Jeff Grubb, we must take all news as speculation in the official confirmation. In the case of the aforementioned Borderlands spin-off, however, rumors about the Wonderlands game are beginning to come true, and we should see a revelation during the upcoming Kickoff Live event by moderator Geoff Keighley. On the social networks of Summer Game Fest, he shared a link to the newly launched teaser page a new adventure from Gearbox, on which attentive fans found out more details.

A link from Twitter leads to the website, which is a typical teaser site at first glance. The above-mentioned information is confirmed here that the Gearbox studio is behind the development, those interested have the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletter and there is also an obligatory deduction for the start of Kickoff Live, which from our point of view will start on Thursday at 8 pm. However, the source code refers several times to the Play Wonderlands link, and the mere mention of the game’s name can automatically confirm everything from last Friday. It’s also unnoticed that Gearbox registered the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands trademark last November, and speculation about the spin-off of the successful Borderlands 3 would make sense because players will get to other very similar content after a relatively short time. The leak described in the introduction claimed that the game should offer similar gameplay based on different classes of heroes as in the Borderlands, and without the need to build a new game on green the Gearbox developers could comfortably score points in the meadow.

As for the launch date, Gamereactor magazine indicated a month ago that in the current financial period – calendar by April 2022 – we would see a new series from Gearbox, which, given its own name and separation from Borderlands, could apply to Wonderlands. The wait for confirmation will not be long, the worse is that similar news is increasing like a mushroom after the rain and we are starting to feel the usual E3 onslaught of information on the Vortex. Hold on, we’re going downhill…

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