Strava now lets you create challenges yourself and comes with new features

A new update is rolling out to Strava’s mobile app. With the new version of the application you can create challenges yourself, but also get started with other new features that have been added by the developers.

Strava with new features

Sports app enthusiasts can have fun with the new functionality that has been added to the application. From now on you can start your own challenge, where you can compete against your friends. You can challenge your friends to ‘most activity’, ‘fastest attempt’ or ‘longest activity’. A maximum of 24 friends can be in a challenge. Here you indicate which activity it concerns and what the start and end date is. Non-paying users can create up to 3 free group challenges in Strava. According to Strava, a match has to become more personal, your training sizes come closer together and if you don’t feel like you have to be a top athlete to finish on top.

Strava also brings improvements to the maps. From now on you have segments and routes that you can view in a searched location or near your current location. You get segment suggestions, which are personally composed for you. These can help you plan what kind of track you want to take. For example, you can now also filter by distance and the type of surface. The filters for the type of activity and height difference were already present in the Strava app.

Recently, the Strava app was already provided with a completely new design during a major update.

Strava GPS running and cycling
Strava GPS running and cycling

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