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For drinks: 7x the tastiest Christmas snacks

Mini potato with shrimp

So good, you could eat ten of it. Use mini potatoes and Dutch shrimps and follow the steps in the Insta post.

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Festive picks

Something tasty on a stick: always works well with children. Make different varieties and use a special Christmas pick like this one for the festive touch.

Christmas wreath

These sausages are made in an instant and look beautiful as a wreath. You just have to keep your child under control, otherwise they will be off the table within five minutes.

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Oh pine tree

Life can be so simple: a piece of sausage, cutting a zucchini with the cheese slicer and cutting the cheese out with a star shape.


Cranberries are of course not to be missed at Christmas. And even if you already eat them with dinner, you should try these snacks. They already sound delicious – puff pastry with brie and cranberry – let alone how they taste.

Roast beef rolls

Just roll, sprinkle some pine nuts and parmesan on top and you have a delicious Italian Christmas snack. Buon Natale!

Stuffed egg

Garlic, bell pepper, salmon and pomegranate: a surprisingly tasty combination. And just as nice: you can make them a few hours in advance (read how here) and keep them in the fridge.

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