Research: Fathers take more me-time than mothers

More than two-thirds of mothers say she only has one to five hours a week to herself. For fathers this is only twenty-six percent.

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The investigation was carried out by the American company Zulily, a seller of toys and household items, among other things.
It also showed that more than a third of fathers are doing well: they take six to ten hours of free time every week to do something that has nothing to do with their family.

The perfect parent

The company also investigated the social pressure that fathers and mothers feel. Not surprisingly, it is often the mother who suffers most from this. As many as ninety percent of mothers said they felt they had to be a perfect mother.

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Only half of all parents surveyed believed that this pressure also exists for fathers. How do the men see that themselves? Indeed, some fifty-six percent of fathers consider themselves perfect fathers. Just under 40 percent of the mothers see themselves that way.


The latter is recognizable to Valerie Willems, who mentions the research on her blog. “My husband and I do the same amount of housekeeping and our me-time is pretty much the same,” she says.

While that should be the norm, I know that’s an exception and I’m ‘lucky’. And yet, compared to my husband, I have more trouble getting an hour for myself. He doesn’t think twice about watching his favorite series for hours on end if he can – I do. Shouldn’t I spend that free time with my children? The pressure to be a perfect mother simply remains. ‘

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