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Mothers give up half their salary after the birth of the first child

The CPB carried out this study on behalf of the Ministry of Education and examined the data of 1.1 million parents who had their first child between 2005 and 2009.

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The traditional role pattern

The income of mothers falls because, unlike their partner, they often work a lot less after the birth of their first child: in most cases they still take on the care tasks. This traditional role pattern means that women are less economically independent and take fewer steps in the career field.

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‘Child fine’

A small side note: the so-called ‘child fine’ is less severe among highly educated mothers, mothers in the public sector and lesbian couples. The difference is generally smaller for women with a migration background. Although the difference is greater for women with a Moroccan or Turkish background than for women without a migration background.


Compared to countries such as Denmark and Sweden, the income decline in the Netherlands is relatively high, but in Austria and Germany the income decline is actually greater.

Source: CPB

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