Did you know? The best-selling Samsung smartphone is 8 years old

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Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. The South Koreans’ cell phones sell millions of times a year. But did you know which Galaxy has sold best so far? The crown goes to a Samsung smartphone that has been around for several years.

Samsung Electronics

Samsung has been selling Android smartphones under its now well-known “Galaxy” brand for around 11 years. The group launched the first model, the GT-i7500, in 2009. It was the beginning of an unprecedented success story that catapulted Samsung to the top of smartphone manufacturers. One smartphone was particularly successful: that Samsung Galaxy s4.

Galaxy S4 best-selling Samsung smartphone

The Galaxy S4 is the most successful Samsung smartphone with 80 million sales.

Samsung’s former top smartphone, the Launched in 2013 is, could Sell ​​80 million copies – Record for the electronics company. No other Samsung smartphone has been more popular so far. Only the direct predecessor can even begin to keep up with the sales figures: That Galaxy S3 went 70 million times over the counter.

However, these are the combined sales of the standard model and the Galaxy S3 Mini. The fact that the Galaxy S4 single-handedly not only built on the sales figures of its predecessors, but was even able to overtake them, makes the success of the smartphone all the more impressive.

Eight years later, Samsung has the Galaxy S21 on offer:

Samsung far from previous successes

Samsung’s current smartphone flagships are far from such numbers. In any case, the manufacturer currently earns its bread in the entry-level and middle class. The most successful Samsung smartphone from last year was also not a top model: With 23 million units sold, the mid-range Galaxy A51 secured the gold medal. This is also a great success for Samsung – but far from the 80 million of the Galaxy S4.

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